Excursion To Morocco // Trip

One Week in Marrakech.

From Wednesday to Wednesday my uni class and I spent one week in Marrakech, Morocco. We visited different places in Marrakech and near by. So one day we even went to Essaouira and saw the Atlantic Ocean, one day we drove to a place called Setti Fatma in the mountains. But most of the time we explored Marrakech.  It was a great excursion with so many impressions and experiences.

We visited many small cooperatives that produced carpets or textiles for clothing and interior as well as a fabric for cement tiles. Everything there is handmade and the people are very welcoming, showed us round and prepared tea for us.

In Marrakech we also have been to Jardin Majorelle, a garden of Yves Saint Laurent with many cactus, plants, palm trees and a small museum. In the area around the garden are very modern shops, a visit inside is worth it.

Our Hostel was right in the Medina, so we also had time for the big market there and check out the huge offer. You can get spices, bags, lamps, jewellry & more. But be prepared to negotiate a bit. Otherwise you may pay too much.

Lots of love



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