Exchange // Denmark

My exchange semester in Denmark is over and I’m back. For all of you thinking about going on exchange, I can recommend going for it. But I guess as it’s already so common to go abroad, many of you already made experiences yourselves! I had a really interesting time during my stay in Scandinavia and learned a lot of new things – about the Danish culture, language and fashion design. Getting a look into the Scandinavian lifestyle was so nice and I already miss the delicious pastry, such as cinnamon rolls or birkes, a pastry with poppy seeds on top. But I’m sure I will be back for trips to Copenhagen and Aarhus someday and who knows to where else.

I spent the exchange in Herning, a city in central Denmark, between Aarhus and the North Sea. Here are some nice places, you can find there:


Aroma – They have a very delicious kanelsnegl and coffee in a modern, cosy surrounding (find out more).

Kaffeebaren – Located in the Herning Biblioteket they offer delicious coffee and really good birkes in a warm and quiet atmosphere (find out more).

Cosy – It’s a café/restaurant near the bibliotek. They offer salads, pasta, Mexican dishes and burger, for example their veggie burger is super tasty (find out more).


heart – A museum for contemporary art with various exhibitions (find out more).


For now I’m looking forward to autumn and all things pumpkin. After the long and warm summer it’s starting to get chillier outside and it’s time for more autumn appropriate clothing like knitwear and warmer jackets again.

Lots of love,


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